Report: IE8 is Now The World's Most-Used Browser

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Recently, Net applications released their January browser market share report and it appears that Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) version 8 now has a 22.37% usage share, making it the most-used browser on the planet. (Source:

Another report by Microsoft's Windows Team Blog has confirmed similar results, stating that IE8 now has 25.6% market share across all operating systems (OS) on a worldwide-weighted usage share basis, making it the most popular browser of choice worldwide. (Source:

Either way, Internet Explorer 8 is clearly leading the pack.

IE8 SmartScan Filter Blocks Malware

So, why is IE8 so popular?

According to the Windows Team blog, IE8 helps protect user's privacy online with a SmartScreen Filter. On August 13, 2009, IE8's SmartScreen Filter had hit over 80 million malware blocks. Currently, IE8 has defended more than 350 million malware attempts, and blocks malware over 2 million times a day. (Source:

Today's Internet threats include an assortment of malware attacks and phishing scams designed to steal your identity. IE8 includes a phishing filter that helps identify potential threats to your identity.

Time to Upgrade Internet Explorer 6

Flaws in IE6 were exploited in Operation Aurora, attacks that appear to have come from within the People's Republic of China and which targeted major tech firms like Adobe and Google. IE6 is being phased out by many sites, including Google, beginning March 1, 2010. As of that date, Gmail and Google Calendar will no longer support IE6.

Soon after that, most of Google's online activities will no longer be supported if a user employs IE6.

Overall, IE Takes 62% Of All Market Share

Microsoft's Internet Explorer accounts for more than 62% of the browser market. (Source:

IE8 ships with Windows 7, which helps explain part of its growing popularity. Those hesitant to make the upgrade to a new IE are encouraged to check out popular alternatives, including Google's Chrome browser, Opera and Mozilla's FireFox.

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