Microsoft Sets Project Natal Grand Unveiling for June

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It's been a year since Microsoft first announced Project Natal, its add-on for the Xbox 360. The system, which is based on motion-sensitive gameplay and meant to directly compete with the Nintendo Wii and Sony's upcoming Move, is expected to get its official unveiling on June 13.

The date in question just happens to fall in the middle of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. In the past the show has been the launch pad for upcoming products in the video game industry. At one time it was an enormous Sin City-based event, but in recent years it's been downsized and will this year be held at the Galen Center in L.A.

Project Natal Price, Ship Date Expected at E3

Still, there's no bigger stage than E3 for something like the unveiling of Project Natal. Microsoft is calling the event a "World Premiere" for the device, and it's expected the Redmond-based company will introduce its first batch of launch games. Other news from the event should include Natal's official price tag, its shipping date, and a better idea of which developers will be working on future titles. (Source:

It's also likely that we'll come to know Natal as something entirely different after June 13, since to this point Microsoft has indicated that the moniker is just a code name.

Thus far, no one knows much about Natal's future name. In fact, when Microsoft alerted the media to the event they failed to state how long the June 13 event would last and what it would entail. Only the words "details to follow," were found in the invitations.

Rumors Suggest Sub-$100 Price Point

Despite the hush-hush, there have been rumors about Natal's ultimate price tag.

Late last year British gaming magazine MCV said its sources had indicated a price under 50 pounds, or around $74 USD. However, those interested in making the dive into Microsoft's version of the Wii will need to keep in mind that this low price point is just for the add-on. Consumers will need to shell out an additional several hundred dollars for the Xbox 360 itself. (Source:

Natal is expected to ship some time this holiday season. One could hardly find a better time for an Xbox 360 price drop.

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