Happy 30th Birthday, Dennis!

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My email inbox overflowet h.

I just wanted to send a very warm and heart-felt 'Thank You' to all 250+ people [and more still coming in] who emailed me in the last day and a half, wishing me a 'Happy 30th Birthday and many more'. I was surprised how many of you thought I was much older than 30 -- but maybe it's because of my style of writing?

One particular email that caught my eye (and gave me a good chuckle) came from Ali M., who sent in the following Birthday Poem. I'd like to share it with you:

" Hello Dennis,

I thought you were a lot order than 30 by the way you handle yourself. Keep up the good work. I read your paper and find many useful things in it and many simple things as well which is good. You have to cater to the masses and not just the experts and gurus. I am writing this on the fly as my gift for all your efforts.

So, here is one for you:

Happy Birthday Dennis Faas, You are great guy with class. May your hard drive never crash, May your pockets be filled with cash. May your computer have lots and lots of MIPS*, May you always have a happy smile on your lips. May your network always be ready, All wireless to make you feel heady**. May you have all those extra ports, and Nice friends and kind cohorts. Dennis, enjoy your special day. Take time, to relax and to play. "

Side note: MIPS = Millions of Instructions Per Second, and refers to the amount of instructions that processor can 'handle' at a given time. And for those of you who don't know what heady means [myself included], the definition implies: 'intoxicating or stupefying, or serving to exhilarate.' (Source: answers.com)

Sorry -- couldn't resist breaking down some of that the techy talk. Thanks again to all who took a moment to send a greeting. It made my day!

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