Microsoft to Offer Win7 Deep Discount, Limited Time

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Microsoft yesterday announced it was resurrecting one of the most popular Windows 7 deals to date: the Family Pack discount. The deal, which gives consumers the ability to purchase a trio of upgrade licenses for their shift from XP or Vista to Windows 7, will again be available in early October.

It's easy to see why the Family Pack Windows 7 deal was so popular: for three licenses the cost is just $150 (or $50 per upgrade), the same as it was last year. Microsoft put the package together for several weeks following the operating system's October 22, 2009 launch, and seems ready to celebrate a successful year for the operating system (OS) by dropping the price once again.

Windows 7 Family Pack a Limited Time Offer

It's expected the Family Pack will only be around for a few weeks this year, too. A Microsoft spokesperson has already told the media that they expect the deal to run only "while supplies last." However, this could be a way to drum up excitement and a sense of anxiety about the Family Pack's revival.

U.S. customers will get first kick at the can. For them, the sale starts on October 3, while consumers in Canada, France, Germany, Britain, and Australia will have to wait a few weeks, until October 22. (Source:

Deal Represents Significant Savings

The $150 Family Pack price tag represents significant savings, given that Microsoft usually charges $120 for each individual Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade.

Given that three upgrades are available for the Family Pack cost, it's a savings of about $210. Even considering's stand-alone upgrade price of $109, Family Pack buyers save about 54 per cent on every upgrade.

Predicting exactly when the deal might end is difficult. Although Microsoft reported that it had stopped offering the pack by the beginning of December last time around, some consumers said it had been gone at least a week prior. That raised the ire of many customers who waited just a bit too long.

It's expected that the Family Pack bargain to run out by the second week of November, 2010. (Source:

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