Where is the rest of the newsletter?, Part 2

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It's been nearly one week since I last sent out the newsletter.

Apparently I didn't make myself clear when I said that the web site reconstruction effort wasn't yet completed and that it was going to take some time, because a handful of folks emailed me over the weekend threatening to unsubscribe from the newsletter if I didn't hurry up and put things back in order.

Talk about taking things for granted!

I would agree with these sentiments if (and only if) I had a team of developers working around the clock and I paid them the going rate of $65.00 an hour to get the project completed ... but in reality, I'm the only one who works this web site -- a free service at that! -- and I've still got a *TON* of work to do.

The good news is that the last week has allowed me to overhaul the the email version of our newsletter. I've also reinstated the "Today and History" section, as well as Shell Extension City Favorites -- and I've even added a new section called "Software Spotlight" which features great software with a 1-page easy-reading description and a downloadable link.

Both the Shell Extension City and Software Spotlight sections have been added as two separate "channels" on our web site, and have their own pages which are also tied into the rest of the web site (related articles). Unfortunately, I don't have the new channels linked into the web site yet, so the only way to access this information is through the email version of the newsletter (or via the links below). I'll try to have that fixed by next week, as well as -- hopefully -- resuming normal newsletter delivery starting next week.

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