Windows Phone 7 Updates Slow to Reach Users

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It's safe to say that, so far, Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is not off to the record-breaking start that Microsoft had hoped for.

It's a fact that the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform has barely made a dent in the overall market share and the focus continues to be on Android, BlackBerry and Apple's iOS operating systems. Furthermore, updates for the system have been slow in reaching users, and for that, a Microsoft executive is apologizing to all Windows Phone 7 adopters.

Speaking out on the issue is Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's vice president for the Windows Phone division. He admits that updates to the system have been less than forthcoming, and that the details surrounding their release are considerably ambiguous.

Windows Phone 7 Users Frustrated

"We know it's been frustrating to wait for features/fixes and (probably worse) to hear little from us on specific dates," Belfiore wrote on Microsoft's Channel 9 website. "We are sorry the process has been rocky." (Source:

Belfiore's statement appeared in the comments section of Channel 9 and specifically addressed a previous video in which he boasted of several new features -- including the ability to cut and paste text -- coming to Windows Phone 7 through an upcoming update.

In that video Belfiore noted that "most" users had received that update, which he said was complete. However, by the time the video was released, only a small percentage of users had access to the update. (Source:

"I referred to our updates as 'complete' because I was thinking of the internal process where we pass completed software to another group who delivers them," Belfiore said. "But of course no update is complete until you all have it."

Not Prepared for Video

Belfiore admitted he was not fully prepared for the video (which appeared in the form of an interview), but promised that would change for future announcements and discussions of Windows Phone 7 products and updates.

The "NoDo" update, as it's been called, is now slowly making its way to Windows Phone 7 users through various carriers.

Belfiore's next presentation is at the MIX Conference in Las Vegas on April 12. He promised that he'd be "well prepared to give an update in person and to try to answer your questions as best [he] can."

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