New Razer 'Blade' Laptop Super Powerful, Portable

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One of the toughest decisions one has to make when buying a new laptop computer is to opt for portability or power. It's often difficult to do both.

For gamers, the term 'portable' has evolved into a uniquely relative term, with most gaming-oriented laptops weighing in at a hefty ten pounds or more.

But now Razer, best known for its gaming mice and other PC peripherals, has built a laptop that effectively erases the line between power and portability. Unfortunately, the machine is a bit pricey.

Razer Blade "Completely Re-designed": CEO

Although Razer is a less established name in the laptop marketplace than some others, the company has earned an impressive reputation for building high-quality gaming accessories.

Earlier this year, Razer began to branch out into building notebook PCs. It released the "Blade," a 17.3-inch gaming laptop that offered serious processing power. Unfortunately, Razer's "Blade" was far from portable.

Now the company is responding to consumer demand with a new, lighter Blade design.

"We completely re-designed the Razer Blade from the ground up," said Razer chief executive officer, Min-Liang Tan. (Source:

New 'Blade' Raises Power, Lowers Weight

The new Blade computer continues to use its predecessor's 17.3-inch high-definition display, and its durable aluminum casing.

However, Razer has added several key components, including a third-generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and a special hybrid hard drive that melds 64GB of solid state storage with a more conventional 500GB hard drive.

Most important, however, is the new computer's lower weight. The new Razer Blade weighs just 6.6 pounds, roughly two-thirds the weight of most other laptops providing comparable processing power.

Although the 17.3-inch display makes it a tad bulky, the Blade is less than one inch thick. Gamers will tell you that most comparable high-performance laptops are at least twice that thick.

Also improved is the Blade's price; the newer model sells for $300 less than its predecessor. Unfortunately, that will still leave buyers facing a price tag of $2,500. (Source:

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