Microsoft Windows 8 Keyboards: Curved, Lightweight

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Microsoft has unveiled its new Sculpt Comfort Keyboard and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard, both of which feature unique ergonomically curved designs.

Both keyboards also improve on previous models in several ways, and are designed specifically to be compatible with the software giant's new Windows 8 operating system (OS), due out in late October, 2012.

Good News: "Pinky Reach" Prevented

The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is an improvement on Microsoft's old Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000. The company has added a number of Windows 8 hotkeys to the design, and has made the space bar wider and split it in two, allowing one of them to double as a second 'Delete' key.

Microsoft says that dividing the new space bar will eliminate any need to perform the difficult "pinky reach" in an attempt to activate the traditional Delete key. (Source:

"This design choice is the result of internal research that showed 90 percent of typists use only their right thumb to press the spacebar," Microsoft said.

"Research also showed [that]...constantly striking backspace breaks a person's typing stride because of its location on the top right-hand corner of the keyboard." (Source:

The Redmond, WA-based company claims this new design will reduce finger strain and can also help alleviate repetitive stress injuries. For most users, it will be enough if the new design simply speeds up their typing.

Sculpt Mobile Keyboard Features 0.75-Inch Thickness

The much thinner and lighter-weight Sculpt Mobile Keyboard is also improved. It offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity, along with Windows 8 (and Windows 8 RT) hotkeys.

It is also designed with highly portable tablet computers in mind. Less than one-inch thick, the Sculpt Mobile is easy to stash inside a briefcase, drawer, or backpack. Microsoft says it will function for up to ten months on just two AAA alkaline batteries.

Although they're clearly designed for Windows 8 usage, both the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard are fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The larger Sculpt Comfort Keyboard will retail for $59.95; the Sculpt Mobile for $49.95. Although official release dates have not been announced, insiders expect both keyboards to launch alongside Windows 8 on October 26, 2012. (Source:

To catch a glimpse of these new devices, click here.

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