Pokie Magic Totem Treasure 5 Review

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Synopsis: Love to play slots? Then you'll love Pokie Magic Totem Treasure 5 slot simulator! Developed by a true Aussie gambler, Totem Treasure is a slot simulation game that will have you clicking on the 'spin' and 'bet' buttons from now until the sun comes up! Register Totem Treasure now and you'll also receive four great Pokie Magic fun games, featuring: Totem Treasure 5, Totem Treasure 6, Totem Treasure 7 and Totem Treasure 6 Special Edition! Are you feeling lucky? Download Pokie Magic Totem Treasure 5 and start playing today!

Totem Treasure 5: Screenshots

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Totem Treasure 5: Features

  • 5 Reels x 20 Paylines
  • Pays left to right
  • Red/Black Doubleup Available

Totem Treasure 5: How to Play

NOTE: You cannot win or lose money playing this slot machine *simulation*.

There are 13 different symbols in this slot machine game, which pay on each of the paylines if a payline is active. The Indian Chief symbol is a scatter symbol, which will pay in any position on any line. The Teepee symbol is a wildcard which substitutes for all symbols except scatters. Any pays with the Indian Teepee wildcard substituting are paid at seven times the normal pay.

The Dreamcatcher Feature: Three or more Indian Chief scatters (four in the Special Edition) appearing in any position on any reel will trigger the Dreamcatcher Feature. All pays during the dreamcatcher feature are tripled.

The Gold Totem Feature: During the dreamcatcher feature, Gold Totems are added to the first and last reels only. If on any spin you have a Gold Totem on the first reel and a Gold Totem on the last reel, the Gold Totem Feature is triggered. When the Gold Totem feature is triggered, the first and last reels only will fill with wildcards and respin. The first and last reels will then lock in position, and the centre reels will all spin seven times. Any wildcards appearing on the centre reels during any Gold Totem respin will lock into position and stay locked for the remainder of your Gold Totem respins.

The Mystical Totem Feature: At the end of the Dreamcatcher Feature, the Mystical Totem Feature automatically commences. 8 Spinning Totems will appear. You must choose any Totem by clicking on it. If your selection reveals a Gold Totem, your entire feature win is doubled. If you reveal a Silver Totem no additional win is recorded and your feature ends -- all remaining Totems will vanish. You can keep choosing Totems until you select a Silver Totem or until all 8 Totems have been revealed. Each time you select a Gold Totem your win is doubled. If you select 8 Gold Totems you win the highest possible amount, and your entire feature win will be 256 times what you originally won. NOTE: The Gold Totems are not preselected and locked in by the game. The game chooses new Totems 50 times per second -- so when you click does make a difference.

Good luck playing -- you'll need it!

Pokie Magic Totem Treasure 5: Download

Pokie Magic Totem Treasure 5 is free to try and $19.95 to buy (includes special bonus: Pokie Magic Totem 5, 6, 7 and Special Edition -- 4 games for the price of 1)!

Download Pokie Magic Totem Treasure 5 | Buy

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