Microsoft: 1,000 Unique Windows 8 PCs Coming Soon

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According to Microsoft, Windows 8 will be available on 1,000 different computer models. The firm says it has certified that number of unique systems and there are more to come.

Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein revealed this information in a recent conference call.

The call was primarily intended to discuss Microsoft's last fiscal quarter (which ended September 30). It was a disappointing period: According to the Redmond-based software giant, overall revenue dropped eight per cent to $16 billion.

That's a significant decline from quarterly revenue numbers during the same period last year, which surpassed $17 billion. The firm's net income was just under $4.5 billion, a 22 per cent decline from the same period last year. (Source:

When Microsoft announced those numbers, its stock price fell three per cent. But Klein believes the arrival of Windows 8 will help reverse this trend. The new operating system begins to ship this Friday, October 26.

Windows 8 Pre-Sales Nearing $1 Billion

The firm says that Windows 8 pre-sales to manufacturers have already reached $800 million.

There are also hopes that Microsoft's Surface tablet, recently revealed to have a starting price of $499, will help generate new revenue. It too ships on Friday.

Certainly Klein has reason to believe Windows 8 has great potential and will be well received by PC and tablet users.

"When I talk to CIOs, for example, and the enterprises, one of the things they are really excited about is that Windows 8 devices give them a chance for their employees to have the devices they want and bring to work," Klein said.

"They get the kind of manageability, security and the integration to go on and the business apps they want." (Source:

Windows Store Still Raising Red Flags

However, there remains at least one major problem for Microsoft: Windows 8's new Windows Store. For Windows 8 devices to excel (and sell), experts suggest consumers will need access to lots and lots of applications.

Right now, there are only about 4,000 apps in Windows Store -- significantly fewer than the roughly 700,000 apps currently available in Apple and Android app stores.

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