'Folder Iconizer', and '6 Dumbest Ideas In Computer Security'

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Folder Iconizer

An easy three steps wizard to change the computer folders identity, by adding icons or de-iconizing them according to the user's desire.


6 Dumbest Ideas In Computer Security

What are they? They're the anti-good ideas. They're the brain damage that makes your $100,000 ASIC-based turbo-stateful packet-mulching firewall transparent to hackers. Where do anti-good ideas come from? They come from misguided attempts to do the impossible -- which is another way of saying "trying to ignore reality." Frequently those misguided attempts are sincere efforts by well-meaning people or companies who just don't fully understand the situation, but other times it's just a bunch of savvy entrepreneurs with a well-marketed piece of junk they're selling to make a fast buck. In either case, these dumb ideas are the fundamental reason(s) why all that money you spend on information security is going to be wasted, unless you somehow manage to avoid them.


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