Windows 8: How to Disable the Lock Screen

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We've been asked about this issue several times by different subscribers:

"Hi Infopackets team,

I have been using Windows 8 and, for the most part, I like it. But one feature I really dislike is the lock screen. Talk about a time waster. Can you help me get rid of it once and for all?

Thanks for your great information over the years,

Gerald H."

My Response:

Gerald, I completely understand why you would get annoyed with Windows 8's lock screen.

Meet Windows 8's Lock Screen

If you're not familiar with it, the lock screen is enabled after a Windows 8 PC is awoken from sleep mode. The lock screen often displays the current local weather, the time, and the number of emails waiting in your inbox.

To dismiss the lock screen, a user must close it with a click or drag up and away using the touch screen controls (assuming your PC contains touch screen hardware).

Only then will you be presented with a log-in prompt where you can enter your user name and password.

Some users might find the information presented by the lock screen useful, but for others it's just an annoying obstacle that decreases productivity.

Disable the Windows 8 Lock Screen

To disable Windows 8's new lock screen, follow these simple steps.

From the Windows 8 Start screen, hit the Windows key and 'R' at the same time. A run dialog box will then appear.

In that dialog box, type gpedit.msc and click 'OK.' You will then be presented with the Local Group Policy Editor.

Next, click on 'Computer Configuration,' 'Administrative Tools,' 'Control Panel,' and finally 'Personalization.'

You'll then be presented with a few options related to the lock screen. From this display you can change the lock screen image or completely disable the lock screen.

To disable the lock screen, simply double-click 'Do not display the lock screen.'

One last dialog box will then appear. Once it does, simply select 'Enabled' and then click 'OK.' (Keep in mind the wording here: you're 'enabling' 'Do not display the lock screen.')

Once you've changed these settings, you shouldn't see that annoying lock screen on your Windows 8 computer ever again!

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