Recover Data from Multisession CD or DVD?

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Infopackets Reader Dan R. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

After reviewing yesterday's article entitled, "Play .JPG on DVD (Picture / Photo CD)?", it prompted me to ask a related question about CD and DVD data recovery. My situation is this: a little while back I created a CD full of important photos. I lent the disc to a friend who was going to add more photos to the disc. Somehow, my friend managed to completely wipe out my previous session when she added her photos, and now I'm afraid I've lost all my data. Can you please tell me if there is a way I can recover my data on the multisession CD? Or are my photos lost forever? "

My response:

I get asked this (and similar) questions all the time, so this is worth going over.

The short answer is: yes, you can recover CD or DVD data -- including a multisession discs -- using a wonderful utility called ISOBuster.

But before you go and download the program, let me explain that ISOBuster is part freeware and shareware. ISOBuster is free to use (to extract / recover data) for 98% of all CD / DVD formats; however, if you used packet writing software (such as Roxio or Adaptec directCD, Nero inCD, etc) then you must register ISOBuster to recover your data.

For full details, please refer to the below article (a link to the ISOBuster web site follows):

Reclaim lost Data on CD?, Part 2

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