Apple Refuses to Build Windows RT iTunes App

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Things just keep getting worse for Microsoft's Windows RT operating system (OS), which is designed specifically for mobile devices like tablet computers. Now, it appears Apple has no plans to construct an iTunes app for the OS.

The news won't be a big deal for people running Windows 8-based devices, like the Surface Pro tablet. After all, they can simply download iTunes to the desktop.

However, for people who own the Surface RT (or anything else running the Windows RT OS), that's impossible. They can only access applications (like iTunes) via Microsoft's own Windows Store.

No iTunes in Microsoft's Windows Store

And Windows Store isn't about to receive its own version of iTunes.

"You shouldn't expect an iTunes app ... any time soon," noted Tami Reller, Microsoft Windows division chief financial officer.

Reller admits that iTunes is a highly desirable application. However, it seems like Apple just isn't willing to play ball.

"iTunes is in high demand," Reller said. "The welcome mat has been laid out. It's not for lack of trying." (Source:

Indeed, sources inside Microsoft have reported that one of the most popular search terms for the Windows Store is iTunes. Unfortunately, those searches always come up empty. (Source:

Experts view the absence of iTunes as a significant blow to Windows RT. After all, roughly half a billion people use iTunes to download movies, music, television shows, and podcasts.

There are alternatives for Windows RT users, including Microsoft's own music app and a similar app from Nokia. But these are fairly rudimentary applications and will be alien to many Windows users who have been using iTunes for years.

Trade: iPad Office App for iTunes RT?

So, will iTunes ever be available to Windows RT users?

It's hard to tell. Of course, Microsoft could get the ball rolling by building an iPad version of its Office business suite -- something users of the Apple tablet have been asking for since the device launched several years ago.

Who knows -- maybe Apple would consider that a friendly gesture worth reciprocating.

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