New Windows 8 Mice Feature Start Screen Buttons

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Having trouble adjusting to the new Windows 8 operating system (OS)? Microsoft says it's about to release new mice specially designed to make navigating the OS' user interface (UI) a whole lot easier.

Actually, Microsoft has two new mice designed to make Windows 8 more accessible for desktop users. First, there's the Sculpt Mobile Mouse, which connects wirelessly to any Windows 8 device, including laptops, desktops, and tablet computers.

Like most other wireless mice, the Sculpt Mobile Mouse features a dongle that can be stored inside when a user is on the move.

Start Screen Button Makes Navigation Easier

What sets the Sculpt Mobile Mouse apart? It features a special button that permits users to immediately access the Start screen.

When tapped a single time the Sculpt Mobile takes you to the Start screen. When tapped a second time, the button opens the last application run by the user. (Source:

Traditional desktop users may prefer a second new mouse, however. The Sculpt Comfort Mouse is larger than the lightweight Sculpt Mobile and connects to a device using Bluetooth.

Not only does it feature the Start screen button, but it also lets the user scroll through popular applications with their finger.

Both the Sculpt Mobile and Sculpt Comfort mice will be available this summer for $30 and $40, respectively. Both of the devices employ Microsoft's popular BlueTrack technology, which allows a mouse to track movements over virtually any surface.

Windows 8 Users Not Using 'Metro' Apps

What will their impact be? Some experts suggest they could significantly improve the Windows 8 experience for people who continue to struggle using the OS.

In fact, Information Week's Michael Endler recently suggested that these mice could "do for non-touch Windows 8 users what Apple's Magic Trackpad has done for its iMac base: let them embrace new UI elements organically, while still relying on their familiar routines." (Source:

Microsoft could certainly use the boost. Recently, a study by PC management company Soluto found that many Windows 8 owners aren't using the new 'Metro' apps, indicating that many users continue to prefer the traditional desktop interface.

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