Microsoft Unveils 'Limited Time' Surface Deal

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It's not a mystery: Microsoft is having a hard time selling its Surface RT tablet computer. To help boost sales, the firm is now offering previously very pricey peripherals for free with the purchase of the original device.

Microsoft's Surface RT was released alongside Windows 8 last fall. However, unlike most Windows 8-based laptops and the more recently released Surface Pro tablet PC, Surface RT runs Windows RT, a slimmed-down version of the Windows 8 operating system (OS).

The big difference between Windows RT and Windows 8: the only way to get apps for the former is through Microsoft's own Windows Store.

Free Touch Cover, Type Cover Keyboards

Those kinds of limitations have made the Windows RT a hard sell for Microsoft. However, at $499 (32GB storage) and $599 (64GB), the price is reasonable -- similarly equipped Apple iPads do cost more.

Now, the Surface RT deal is getting better: Microsoft is giving buyers the option of taking a free Touch Cover or Type Cover keyboard with the purchase of a Surface RT. (Source:

Previously, Touch Cover keyboards had cost $120 while the Type Cover usually runs about $130.

As the names suggest, these keyboards also serve as protective cases for the Surface RT. (Source:

Deal Available for a "Limited Time"

The deal is applicable in both the United States and Canada for a "limited time". It's not clear how limited that time is, however.

It's possible the new deal is an attempt by Microsoft to clear out the old Surface RTs before it unveils new, smaller Surface tablets at the upcoming BUILD developers conference.

The firm is expected to show off 7- and 9-inch models at the late June event.

Of course, Microsoft will also be hoping to revive interest in Windows RT. Recently, a number of hardware partners have expressed frustration with and disinterest in the OS.

Back in early May Lenovo's Simon Kent dismissed Windows RT, insisting businesses don't want an operating system with its limitations.

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