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Infopackets Reader Jeff S. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

This is not so much a question, but a comment.

Several weeks ago I picked up a 120GB Maxtor Hard Drive at Best Buy. I decided to use this drive for backing up my digital pics, MP3's, downloads, etc. I also wanted to use the new drive to backup my operating system, but totally sure which one was right for me.

I borrowed a copy of Norton Ghost from a friend, installed it on my system, but wasn't too impressed with the interface (I found it difficult to understand); I also thought the price was a little too high (at $69.99 retail).

It was at this time I decided to look into Acronis True Image. I remember you've mentioned True Image a number of times in your newsletter. Long story short: after reading your review, immediately purchased the program.

Just this past weekend, amid a frenzy of updating old programs and downloading new ones, my PC suddenly developed a glitch. Windows would boot up; but when I clicked on my user account to login, it would only show my wallpaper and nothing else. I didn't have access to my task bar, system tray, or start menu -- just the wallpaper and the mouse cursor (which by the way wouldn't even give me a context menu if I hit right mouse button).

After trying to login to the other user accounts on my system with the same result, I decided there wasn't much else I could do. At this point, I rebooted my PC, inserted my Acronis Rescue Media CD, and began restoring an image backup I made only a few days prior. I held my breath as the progress indicator climatically reached 100% completion mark ... all that was left to do was to reboot, and Bingo! Acronis True Image brought my system back to the way it was -- in working condition!

I am now caught up with the few things that needed updating since that image was created, and it's like there was never a problem. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for reviewing and recommending this most excellent software! "

My response:

You're quite welcome.

While not everyone has been able to get True Image to work properly with certain hardware configurations (a very small handful of folks have emailed me with issues in the past), True Image *does* work wonders for the majority of folks that use it.

At this point I would remind everyone that an in-depth review of Acronis True Image 8 can be read online our site. Furthermore, I understand that trial version of True Image version *9* has recently become available, and the link to download that is below [39 megabytes]:

Acronis True Image 9 Download

Acronis True Image Review (Version 8): In Depth

Using the above link you can try True Image version 9 [fully functional] free for 15 days. I firmly believe that you will not only find this software incredibly easy to use, but you'll also agree that owning True Image will prove to be the best preventative PC insurance you've ever purchased -- hands down! In my opinion, disk imaging software is better prevention than any anti-spyware or anti-virus software can offer (if used consistently).

Having said that, be sure to check out the equally impressive review on Acronis Disk Director suite, which is an excellent addition to True Image (although it is *not* required). The full article / explanation is below, incase you missed last week's review:

Acronis Disk Direction 10 Suite Review

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