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Synopsis: Turn your iPod into a portable media center! With as little as 2 simple clicks, PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter can convert movies and video (DVD, DiVX, AVI, MPEG, etc) directly to iPod Video format and then transfer them directly to your iPod! PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter not only features super fast conversion speed with high quality output, but also boasts advanced video editing features that allow you to control the video size of your movies (and thus allow you to store more movies on your iPod).

PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter: Features

  • Automatically choose best Resolution: The native resolution of an iPod's screen is 320x240. PQ-DVD to iPod Video Converter can automatically choose the best resolution to fit your iPod screen based on the aspect ratio of your video source; alternatively, you can select different cropping mode to change the resolution (described next).
  • Adjust Crop Mode: The native iPod screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3 (width and height). However, different video sources may use different aspect ratios (example: the 4:3 and 16:9 standards, plus, the ultra-wide 2.35:1). Some DVD movies with 2.35:1 aspect ratio contain black bars on top and botton in order to fit into the 16:9 DVD standard. For 2.35:1 extra wide movies, you may choose 6 crop modes based on your personal preference using PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter.
  • Adjust Video Frame Rate: Video Frame Rate or Frames Per Second ("fps") refers to the number of still pictures displayed in a 1 second interval in order to form a continuous motion (or "video"). The default video frame rate is 15fps, which results in somewhat choppy video, but a significant savings in the file size of the movie. For more fluid video [and larger file size], you can also choose up to 24fps.
  • Adjust Audio Codec: To further reduce the output size of your movie, you can also choose to re-encode your movie using a lower audio quality.
  • Adjust Video Brightness Level: This setting will increase the video brightness level to make the video appear brighter on the iPod screen. The default is level 0 (no brightness change from the original video).

PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter: Download

PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter is free to try and $34.95 to buy.

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