Windows XP Service Pack 1 Crack

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What's a software crack?

A "crack" -- as it is commonly referred to -- is program that removes copy protection from software. Commonly, cracks are used on software applications and games that would otherwise require an unlock code or registration to continue using the software.

Windows XP Service Pack 1 was released September 9th, 2002

Yep, that's right. The big bad Service Pack that the world has been waiting for has finally been released. It promises to fix all those nasty bugs that plague Windows XP and make it a lot more stable.

Will it fix my GeForce NVidia MX400 video driver system freezes with Windows XP?

Only time will tell. I've already had a few people email me and tell me that the combination of the NVidia Detonator display driver version 40.41 for Windows 2000 / XP (released August 29, 2002) mixed with XP Service Pack 1 has made their system rock solid. But who's to know for sure? Service Pack 1 for Windows XP has only been released to the general public for only two days now. That might explain why I'm having such a hard time accessing some web sites -- there's probably a huge drain of resources because everyone is downloading the update.

Differences between the Administration and Express version of Windows XP SP1

The network administration version of Windows XP Service Pack 1 is the best one to grab if you have high-speed Internet access because you can burn it onto a CD and reuse it again at a later date. Note that the file size is a whopping 130 megabytes. The bonus is that you can use this version of the Service Pack to install on other machines.

The Express version of Windows XP Service Pack 1 requires that your machine is connected to the Internet. It downloads individual updates to the machine, depending on how up-to-date the system is. Obviously, this is not a good solution for those of us who oversee and control many computers at once.

So what does a crack have anything to do with Windows XP Service Pack 1?

Simple! Windows XP Service Pack 1 won't run on pirated copies of Windows XP. That means if your Windows XP isn't legally registered to you, it can't be updated.

Not yet, anyway.

I'm guessing that within a week's time -- or at least, a month -- someone (a hacker, as they are commonly referred to) will develop a crack for Windows XP Pack 1.

Voila, no more copy protection... not that I'm endorsing it or anything. I'm just saying -- someone always finds a way around stuff like this.

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