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Over the weekend, a fellow named Bernie Madigan from Australia sent me a quick email to let me know of a nifty freeware utility he's recently developed.

Bernie's new program is called FileMap and it helps users to identify whether or not Spyware has been installed on their machine. He writes:

" I have just published FileMap version 3.0.1, which discloses files added to your system without your knowledge. The program is ideal for serious computer buffs, or for people who want [early warning incase their systems are ever hijacked with Spyware].

I would also like to thank Bob Helmer of Shell Extension City for mentioning my program, called FastFolder. It was submitted in the same newsletter which had the review on Window Washer. PS: I enjoy the kind words I receive from everyone from your newsletter. "

Side note: FastFolder is a background program which allows quick access to any of eight pre-selected folders from the system tray. It provides a perfect way to navigate folders without first having to access My Computer. The program code is designed to use minimum system resources and does not make any changes to the System Registry.

Bernie's programs have been featured in the Gazette before and in other newsletters. If you have a question for Bernie or would like to say 'hello', be sure to mention that you saw his program featured in the Infopackets Gazette.

Both FastFolder and FileMap are freeware. You can read full descriptions at:

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