Remove SpywareStrike (Removal Instructions)

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SpywareStrike is the latest rogue anti-spyware application to hit the 'net.

As early as last week, users began reporting popups, homepage redirects, and annoying taskbar popup security warnings indicating that there was "an intrusion" on their PC.

SunbeltBlog reports that infected machines are being redirected to fake "online security" websites, including (among others):,,,, and [Sample screenshot here].

All of these sites are designed to dupe unsuspecting users into purchasing software to undo the damage originally caused by SpywareStrike.

This elaborate scheme is nothing more than a scam within a scam. And as ZDNet's Spyware Confidential points out: this scam isn't much different than SpyAxe which wormed its way onto countless PCs only a few weeks back.

But thanks to the determination of ASAP security experts, the new Windows Registry points were uncovered and SpywareStrike was removed successfully. And for the record: the removal for Spyware Strike is the same as SpyAxe (providing that you have downloaded the latest removal tools), as indicated in the instructions below.

How to Remove (Uninstall) SpywareStrike / Spyware Strike

Do the following before updating Windows:

1. Download the latest SmitRemfix by Noahdfear. Once downloaded, double click to uninstall all the files into a folder, but do not run the program yet (note that you *must* run SmitRemfix in Safe Mode -- described further down).

2. Download the free trial of Ewido anti-malware. Install it and check for updates, but do not run a scan yet.

3. Download Ad Aware SE. Install and check for updates, but do not run a scan yet.

Running SmitRemfix

Read over another post about SmitRemfix (by Nick Tyrrell). It goes into more detail and has pictures. Once you have familiarized yourself with what you are about to do, reboot your computer into safe mode.

In safe mode:

  • run the SmitRem fix
  • scan with ewido and fix what it finds
  • scan with Ad Aware and fix what it finds

When you are done with all three, reboot the computer normally. If your desktop wallpaper has been changed by SpywareStrike, you may need to go to the Control Panel and click Display -> Desktop -> Customize Desktop -> Web -> Uncheck Security Info if present. Now you should be able to use any wallpaper you want.

After doing all of that, you should visit Windows Update, select express install. After your computer has been checked, install all the updates it finds. That's it!

Kudos to Nick Tyrrell for these very precise removal instructions.

SpywareStrike: Removal Help

If you are uncomfortable in removing SpywareStrike from your PC and would like some guidance, please feel free to join me on my forum and post your HijackThis! logfile for analysis.

Surf Safe, and Surf Secure!

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