Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Preparation Tool

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Microsoft has released a Windows 10 Preparation Tool designed to integrate Windows 7 and 8 computers for testing Windows 10 more easily. The tool also coincides with a big update to Windows 10 Technical Preview which is due January next year, and will include many features that are most important to home computer users. (Source:

Currently, Windows 10 is in its Technical Preview stage. That means many features are new and being tested by thousands of people, and the operating system itself is not fully functional. In all likelihood, the Technical Preview is full of bugs and has many compatibility issues.

That said, the big update due January, 2015 is what some experts are calling the leap from Windows 10 Technical Preview to Windows 10 Consumer Preview. It's suggested that the Windows 10 Preparation Tool makes the Consumer Preview edition readily available via Windows Update for systems running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 with Update 1 (KB2919355). (Source:

Eventually the Consumer Preview edition be finalized into the Release Candidate stage, which is effectively a 'final beta' version of the operating system. The Release Candidate(s) will then be finalized into Release to Manufacturing (RTM) stage, which is the final edition that makes its way onto new computers.

Tool May Allow for Automated Windows 10 Installation

Installing the Windows 10 Preparation Tool doesn't do anything to the system immediately, other than adjust the Windows registry, and check the existing Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 system for compatibility. Currently, minimal hardware requirements are at least a 1Ghz processor, 16GB hard drive space. It's suggested that the tool "adds a trigger to Windows Update so that the next preview build will appear [inside of Windows Update, which should happen around January 21, 2015]." (Source:

It's not clear whether or not the tool will allow the download of Windows 10 Consumer Preview automatically, or if it will simply prompt users for the update and then proceed with the download only if the user chooses to allow it.

Reminder: Test Editions Are For Experts Only

Microsoft is once again reminding users that all test editions of Windows 10 (whether it's Technical Preview, Consumer Preview, or Release Candidates) are suitable for people who consider themselves an "expert" in computing and "feel comfortable troubleshooting problems," as the operating system is not finalized. (Source:

Microsoft also says that both software and hardware might not work properly with test editions, and that some users may also experience trouble connecting to local networks or the Internet. Other possibilities include a complete system crash or loss of personal files.

If you accept this liability and wish to proceed with the Windows 10 Preparation Tool, you can download them here: for Windows 7 and for Windows 8.1.

What's Your Opinion?

Have you ever used a test version of Windows before the final public release? Have you run into any technical problems? Do you think Microsoft is finding the right balance between getting a big test audience and deterring less confident users from running potentially unstable software?

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I have 10 installed on a HP laptop. I played with win 8 prelease on the same machine until it was RTM. I did not like Win 8 and reinstalled win 7.
This Windows 10 is a keeper. The only major glitch I have is a problem connecting it to my windows 8 smart phone internet connection. But it will hook up with Wi-Fi in hotels and coffee shops and home with no problems whatsoever.

At this time I am looking forward to installing it on all my machines at home and office when it is released for market.

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I'v been testing Windows 10 and it's generally more user-friendly then Win.8, however being older I do not care for signing in with Microsoft (via your Email) which both Win8 and Win 10 insist on. Win 10 installation even wants your Router pin 4 or 8 digit number? It's an invasion of privacy (to me). So likely I will stay with Win 7 for daily use.

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Hello I hope this helps you. I am using W10 Tech preview and this works. This link will take you to a good description on how to make the necessary change.

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I'm running two laptops. One is an old HP 32 bit system, but is running the Windows 10 developer edition, with no problems.

My other laptop, a Toshiba 64 bit system is a only 6 months old and came installed with Windows 8.1. It's quite a high end machine with 16 gb RAM an I7 Intel processor, and a dedicated AMD Radeon Video card. I downloaded the above, Windows 10 preparation tool, but when I tried to install it, got the following message:

We can't prepare this PC for Windows Technical Preview

Make sure it's using either Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 update and a language supported in Windows Technical Preview.

Well it is running 8.1 with every available update, and Language English/Canadian.

Any ideas why I cannot install the preparation tool would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Edit. I've solved the problem. The English/Canadian Language is not supported by this tool. I've changed to English/USA and now have tool installed