Scanit Browser Security Test

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How sure are you that your web browser is secure?

Relatively sure? Not so sure?

Imagine for a moment just how many people in the world are running MS Windows. And now, imagine how many of those people don't update their computers on a regular basis.

Are you one of them? 'Cause if you are, your browser is most likely insecure -- and that means that your computer is susceptible to Trojans, Spyware, and Worms.

What to do?

Scanit Browser Security Test is a free checkup and reports just over twenty major vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. And best of all: Scanit isn't just limited to Internet Explorer vulnerabilities -- it can also detect security holes in FireFox, Netscape, Opera, and more!

Scanit's tests normally take only a few minutes to run, but it could save you hours of headaches caused by Spyware, adware, and hackers.

According to the statistics at Scanit, almost half of the people that drop in for a scan will find that they've been surfing with a browser that has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Go and Scanit!

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