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Insert Rows and Columns in MS Word Tables

A reader recently wrote: " [In regard to the article ' Insert Rows and Columns in Tables in MS Word '] ... your article forgets to mention that one must right-click on a cell above or below where the inserted row is to go. There is no Table | Insert ... menu item in Word 2007. I appreciate what you are doing at this site but this article was confusing because of the omission." My response: I do apologize if you were confused by my article. You are quite correct; I did not mention that you could right-click on a row above or below to insert a row. Note that I said "could" and not "must." ... (view more)

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Registry Mechanic 8 Review

Excellent news for anyone who uses MS Windows -- Registry Mechanic version 9 has just been released! Registry Mechanic is the long-standing market leader among Windows Registry Cleaners -- and it's not because of great marketing or a massive ... corporation behind it -- no, Registry Mechanic has the #1 slot simply because it works! Subscribers to the Infopackets email newsletter will have read Dennis Faas raving about this product for years; now I've tried it for myself, I can only agree with his praise. And with this very special release, we've arranged an exclusive offer just for you! Why do ... (view more)

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Add RAM to your PC -- SD RAM, DDR RAM, and RDR RAM explained

" How can I make my computer faster? " The simplest answer to this question is to add more RAM to your PC. RAM allows your computer to process things faster by holding frequently used information for a longer period of time. The longer data is held ... in memory, the greater chance that this data will be used again for computation. The end result is that data is loaded and unloaded at a faster rate, which saves you time. In order to answer the question of how much RAM is required for a computer, we need to inspect two main areas of interest: how much RAM is already inside your machine, ... (view more)

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