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Excellent news for anyone who uses MS Windows --

Registry Mechanic version 9 has just been released! Registry Mechanic is the long-standing market leader among Windows Registry Cleaners -- and it's not because of great marketing or a massive corporation behind it -- no, Registry Mechanic has the #1 slot simply because it works!

Subscribers to the Infopackets email newsletter will have read Dennis Faas raving about this product for years; now I've tried it for myself, I can only agree with his praise. And with this very special release, we've arranged an exclusive offer just for you!

Why do You need Registry Mechanic?

To understand why Registry Mechanic is so incredibly beneficial to your PC, let's imagine that the Windows Registry is like a roadmap. Imagine how you'd be affected if you used your roadmap to look up directions, only to find out that the map is pointing to the wrong page.

  • You'd take much longer to find your way round -- and in the same respect, your computer slows down, too.
  • You'd get frustrated and start shouting -- and in the same respect, your computer throws up strange error messages, too.
  • You'd have to start taking guesses and hope things worked out -- and in the same respect, your computer can behave unpredictably and unreliably, too.
  • You might even find you had no option but to give up -- and in the same respect, your PC does the same: whether it be the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death (above) or just a random shut down.

Like a roadmap, the Windows Registry contains details on everything to do with your PC -- including all your software and hardware, and the way it all interacts. Pretty much every change you make to the way your computer works is updated in the Registry: except that just like the real world, things don't always work perfectly. When you install or uninstall software -- and think how often that happens with all those free trials, or those programs you only need once -- the Registry doesn't always get updated properly (usually the fault of the software designer).

Now, updating a damaged road map is a difficult if not impossible task. Fortunately Registry Mechanic is available to put right all these mistakes and make it work the way it did the first time you used it -- or better!

Introducing Registry Mechanic: The Solution for Your Ailing Registry

With over 8.3 million downloads on alone, Registry Mechanic is the #1 choice when it comes to safely scanning, cleaning, and repairing Windows Registry problems with only a few simple mouse clicks!

With Registry Mechanic, you can rest assured your PC is in good hands because it's made by PC Tools: a highly regarded firm with 10 years in the industry.

Click here to Download Registry Mechanic, Now!

NOTE: After you are transported to the PCTools web site using the above link, you will need to click the Download link at the top of the page to download Registry Mechanic.

So, how does Registry Mechanic work?

After running a scan, Registry Mechanic lists all the problems, then lists them for you to review. You can automatically correct all the problems with one click, or pick and choose exactly what you want corrected and what you want to leave as it is.

To better understand how Registry Mechanic works its magic, allow me to break it down --

Removes Errors and Invalid Entries

If a registry entry is wrong, Registry Mechanic puts it right. If the entry refers to something that's no longer on your PC, Registry Mechanic deletes the entry.

Optimizes your Registry

Every time an entry is removed from your Registry, there's a physical gap left in the relevant files. Registry Mechanic can rearrange your Registry so that there's no wasted space, meaning your PC can find relevant data much quicker. Quite simply: an optimized Registry translates into an optimized computer.

Uses Set It and Forget It Technology

You use Registry Mechanic the way you want to. If you want to run it as and when you want to, that's fine, but you can also schedule regular scans. You can set it to automatically run a scan whenever you turn your computer on, or you can even enable a monitor feature which constantly checks for major changes to the Registry and alerts you of any possible problems.

It's Fail-Safe

Registry Mechanic makes backups of your system every time you use it. If you ever decide you want to cancel changes made by Registry Mechanic, it's a breeze to undo.

NO MORE BLUE SCREENS ~ " Prior to installing and using Registry Mechanic, I was always having the Blue Screens Of Death (BSOD) problems. No more! [Registry Mechanic is] a program that does what it is supposed to do! " ~ Larry L.

A MUST HAVE ~ " When you think you deleted something and uninstalled a program, emptied your trash bin and even did a disc clean up and a reboot. Guess what? The Registry Mechanic finds all kinds of pieces of that very-deleted-but-not-so-far-gone program!!! " ~ Anonymous

Click here to Download Registry Mechanic, Now!

NOTE: After you are transported to the PCTools web site using the above link, you will need to click the Download link at the top of the page to download Registry Mechanic.

What's new in Registry Mechanic version 9?

Deeper Scanning by Default

In the new version 9 of Registry Mechanic, PC Tools has done away with the standard Registry scan altogether. They've optimized their deep scan which utilizes patented Drill Down Technology which digs deep into the registry and finds the most problematic errors. Best of all: the deep scan is just as fast -- if not faster -- than the original standard!

Improved Interface

The menu screens have been reorganized so that the most commonly used tools are front and centre. It's also easy to find exactly what you are looking for. And Registry Mechanic not only automatically updates itself when new features are developed, but even revamps its menu screens to incorporate these new features.

Full Control Over Windows Services

Windows Services are programs that are designed to run at certain times. By default, many Windows Service programs launch automatically when you first start your PC. Not all Windows Services are needed, however -- and if too many services are running at the same time (and during a boot-up), this can add noticeable delays to the start-up process.

Registry Mechanic makes it easy to control which services start automatically: you can opt for all of them, only the bare minimum, or pick and choose exactly which ones you want.

A NO-BRAINER ~ " I am not an expert at registries or registry tools, but the point is, I don't want to be. Registry Mechanic does the thinking and the work for me. " ~ Dave D.

Provides Easy Access to Windows System Tools

Windows has quite a few built-in tools to keep your system in working order. However, they aren't always simply explained or particularly intuitive to use, or even find. Registry Mechanic lets you access these tools in a much easier and user-friendly format.

Using Registry Mechanic on My PC

Before using Registry mechanic, I was all set to write a lengthy, flowery, literary description of exactly what happened. The problem is that in reality its work was done almost before I realized what happened!

I've used free software which aims to perform similar functions before. Such programs always seemed to do an OK job, but they took a very long time to run and rarely ever fixed the problems I had to begin with.

But not Registry Mechanic --

It was so quick I assumed I'd done something wrong! To double-check, I ran the scan again with my stopwatch ready...

FORTY-SEVEN SECONDS is all it took.

But it certainly hadn't cut any corners: in fact, it found an additional 283 problems that my free Registry cleaner had failed to pick up! I then clicked on the Repair button expecting I'd have time to go make a cup of coffee while my PC creaked away; instead, Registry Mechanic did its work in literally seconds!

What do other users say?

Registry Mechanic is one of the most recognized Registry Cleaners on the market -- and that's an understatement!

The seventh edition alone has been downloaded from the popular CNET site more than 8.3 million times. Registry Mechanic has received top ratings from credible sources such as, Tucows, Wugnet, PC Advisor, BestBuy, and many more. In fact, PC Tools is a Microsoft Certified Partner!

SAVED MY BACON ~ " We've all seen certain programs get their tentacles all inside your system and when you want to unload them they make trouble. As you can tell, I'm not really a super geek, but all-in-all, I like Registry Mechanic. " ~ S&B

Click here to Download Registry Mechanic, Now!

NOTE: After you are transported to the PCTools web site using the above link, you will need to click the Download link at the top of the page to download Registry Mechanic.

Registry Mechanic: Download Now!

Registry Mechanic is free to download and try.

The free edition lets you run a full scan and will repairs errors in the first 6 sections. To repair all problems, you must register the program. I was particularly impressed that -- unlike some rivals -- the free version gives you a complete list of all the specific problems, so you know it isn't over-hyping things to try to scare you into registering the full version.

Click here to Download Registry Mechanic, Now!

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