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Capture and Send 2003 Review

Screen captures are useful for documenting error messages, showing other people how to perform a specific task, and for proving you really did get the high score. Using the key combination of Alt-Print Screen may work for situations where you want ... to paste your screenshot into Word, but sending screens via e-mail is tedious without a helper application. Capture&Send 2003 is a great application for quickly e-mailing screenshots. What is Capture&Send 2003? Capture&Send is a program designed to make screen captures and e-mail them to other computer users. The program runs in the ... (view more)

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Associate This Review

Nothing frustrates me more than having a file open with the wrong program! For example: I install a new media player or image-editing application, and the next thing I know, the program has taken over just about every file association on my system ... ... or at least, that's what used to happen. After installing "Associate This", all my files open with the application *I* want them to. What is Associate This? Associate This is a software utility for managing file associations. Associate This locks file extensions*, so the preferred application launches when you click on a file. For ... (view more)

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Modify Program Files Path?, Part 2

Recall: Almost all applications (downloaded off the Internet / run from CD) need to be installed onto Windows using a program installer (commonly known as Setup.exe). In most cases, the program setup will attempt to install a program to the base ... folder C:\program files\. Yesterday, I asked Readers if it was possible to change the Windows default program installation folder to something other than C:\program files\. Rodger D. and many other users recommended using TweakUI to perform such a task: " Microsoft's TweakUI program [http link below] is able to change the default program ... (view more)


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