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Windows 7 No Longer Safe to Use in 2020 - Here's Why

January 2020 marks the end of extended support for Windows 7 from Microsoft. This means Windows 7 users have just one year left to upgrade to either Windows 8 or 10 (or an alternative), before their systems become a major security risk. Support for ... Windows 7 comes in a two-stage process. The first is known as mainstream support, which means the system is under warranty and Microsoft offers free technical support over the phone and its online forums. During this time, Microsoft also continues developing new features, and users can get hot fixes which patch any performance or security problems ... (view more)

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It's Official: Windows 10 Free For Many Users

It's official: Microsoft says that Windows 10 will be free of charge -- but the offer comes with limitations and caveats. The free upgrade offer is part of what could be the biggest change to the Windows business model, ever. Microsoft's comments at ... a launch event this week have been interpreted by some analysts as meaning Windows 10 may also be the last major release of the operating system. Instead, Windows may receive more frequent, but less substantial updates in the future. The Windows 10 free upgrade deal will only apply to consumer versions of Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) and Windows ... (view more)

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Is Using Windows XP Really That Dangerous?

Is it really that dangerous to continue using Windows XP? Microsoft's Windows XP has officially been decommissioned as of April 8, 2014, meaning that Microsoft will not longer support the software insofar as security updates are concerned. Without ... any security updates, Windows XP is extremely vulnerable to attack if and when an operating system exploit is discovered. And, even if one is discovered, it may or may not make headlines - which means most users running Windows XP simply won't be aware their system has been compromised. It's these types of attacks that are most dangerous ... (view more)

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