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Apple Admits: Older iPhone Models Purposely Slowed Down

Apple has admitted it deliberately slowed down older iPhones, saying the move improved performance. It's ended years of speculation, but sparked a flurry of lawsuits. Every time a new iPhone comes out, a conspiracy theory emerges that older iPhones ... suddenly started getting slower. Critics claimed Apple was deliberately slowing down the models so that people would be more tempted to upgrade to the new model in the hope of regaining their former performance. Apple has always denied this and a study a couple of months ago found no clear pattern of processor performance and speed slowing down, ... (view more)

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How to Fix: "Windows has detected your computer's performance is slow" (color scheme) Error

Infopackets Reader Judy G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm running Windows 7. Throughout the day, I often receive a message from Windows that says: 'Windows has detected your computer's performance is slow ... To improve performance, try changing the ... color scheme to Windows 7 Basic.' I click the option to 'Keep the current color scheme, and don't show this message again', but the error message 'Windows has detected your computer's performance is slow...' returns about 5 minutes later. I don't understand why this message appears, and I can't stop it from reappearing! It's incredibly annoying! Can ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Make Firefox Faster; Enable Multi-Processor Support

Infopackets Reader Jesse T. writes: " Dear Dennis, A friend of mine told me that the new version of Firefox is a lot faster, but requires special configuration changes in order to get the speed boost. Do you know what she is referring to? How can I ... make my Firefox faster? " My response: Your friend is correct - the latest edition of Mozilla Firefox (version 48) includes a major overhaul to allow for multi-processor support, though it may not be enabled by default on some systems. That is because some systems may use older add-ons that may interfere with the multi-processor support feature, ... (view more)

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Study: Apple is for Women, Samsung is for Men

A new study suggests that most Americans favor Apple when it comes to mobile devices, though Samsung isn't too far from the top. The study was performed by KS Mobile, a San Francisco-based app maker for the Android and iOS platforms. The study was ... carried out between February 6 and 10, 2014, and involved 1,000 people aged 18 and older. Apple is for Women, Samsung is for Men: Study Suggests Of the people interviewed, nearly half of all women said they favored Apple mobile products, such as the iPhone. Only women aged 40 to 49 said they favored Samsung products. On the other hand, most men ... (view more)

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New 'Haswell' Chips to Boost Battery Life, Intel Says

Intel says its new line of Core processors, tentatively known as 'Haswell' chips, will completely change the way we think about laptop battery life. The firm says its new chips could extend laptop battery life by up to 50 per cent. Intel says that ... it focused exclusively on laptops and tablet computers when designing the new Haswell chips. Rani Borkar, Intel Architecture Group's corporate vice president and general manager, insists that the goal all along was to produce processors that simply consume less power. Intel Seeks Tricky Balance Between Power Consumption and Performance However, ... (view more)

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DriverScanner 2013 Review

Update 2013/05/08: We've contacted Uniblue and have finagled a generous 33% discount for DriverScanner 2013 for our readers (deal ends May 24, 2013). The discount link is at the end of the review; the discount is also enabled if you download the ... trial and purchase directly through the program. If you're in a hurry and know this software to be as useful as I do, you can go straight to the discount page by clicking here . Otherwise, please take a few minutes to read the review below, and then decide. -- Ever wonder why your PC gets balky, slows down, or fails to operate the way you want? One of ... (view more)

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Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 Review

Note from Dennis: At the end of the review, we're offering 20% discount for Infopackets readers. I get asked all the time "Why is my PC slow?" The answer, of course, is usually complex and may depend on a number of factors. But, for the most part, ... the culprit is due to repeated installation and removal of software programs to a system over a period of time. For example: a once pristine PC (brand new, untouched) from the factory can perform flawlessly. The same PC after a few months of use will start to lag. And, after a year or two, that same PC will surely suffer major performance ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Renders Images, Video, Text Much Faster

There's no doubt that Microsoft's biggest hurdle in convincing people to buy Windows 8 is showing them why the new operating system (OS) is better than Windows 7. The software giant has been working hard for many months to accomplish this task. Now ... the firm has identified an important way Windows 8, which is officially due in retail stores on October 26, 2012, stands apart from its critically-acclaimed predecessor: better graphics performance. In a recent post on the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft graphics group program manager Rob Copeland carefully outlined the performance benefits ... (view more)

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Vizio Windows 7 PCs Ship Bloatware-Free

American television manufacturer Vizio has revealed a collection of new Windows 7-based laptop and desktop PCs. This launch marks the company's first venture into building stand-alone computers for the PC market. Included in the recently unveiled ... products are two thin, lightweight laptop computers, one larger and more powerful laptop, and two all-in-one desktop PCs. Pricing starts at $898. Bloatware Banned from Vizio PCs Vizio's plan to set itself apart from major rivals, like Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Acer, is a subtle but potentially effective one. The company's most visible ... (view more)

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New AMD Chip to Change Perceptions of Netbooks

Thought you knew netbooks? Hardware producer Lenovo is determined to change that. The company says its newest line-up of ultraportable netbooks will boast portability as well as power. For most of their brief history, netbooks have been little more ... than compact, lightweight web browsing and word processing tools with minimal performance capabilities. For many consumers, that's been just fine. Netbooks perform these basic functions (which, let's face it, are probably the most important things a computer can do) admirably, and in most cases they cost less than $500. Changing the Way Consumers ... (view more)


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