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WinTasks 5 Professional Review

In today's world of Spyware threats and other Internet nasties, not knowing what is running silently in the background of your computer can be a serious problem. Unfortunately, Task Manager [CTRL + ALT + DEL] isn't helpful in reporting which ... processes are critical to your system, which ones can be terminated safely, and is horrible at troubleshooting problematic and suspect tasks. So how do you know "what's what"? Introducing WinTasks 5 Professional: the Ultimate Task Manager WinTasks 5 Professional is a state-of-the-art Task Manager replacement designed to enhance your computer's ... (view more)

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Genie Backup Manager Review

The last three articles in our newsletter have provided an in-depth look into The Importance of Backing up Data , highlighted a number of Backup Strategies , and even presented a Six Point Guide to Buying Backup Software . At the same time the ... articles were being compiled, however, I quietly enlisted myself on a top secret mission to research, review, and rigorously test a never-ending list of backup software. The purpose: to find the best, easiest to use, feature-packed backup utility according to the stringent set of criteria previously established in our 6 Point Purchasing Guide (namely: ... (view more)


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