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The last three articles in our newsletter have provided an in-depth look into The Importance of Backing up Data, highlighted a number of Backup Strategies, and even presented a Six Point Guide to Buying Backup Software.

At the same time the articles were being compiled, however, I quietly enlisted myself on a top secret mission to research, review, and rigorously test a never-ending list of backup software.

The purpose: to find the best, easiest to use, feature-packed backup utility according to the stringent set of criteria previously established in our 6 Point Purchasing Guide (namely: Ease of Use, Value for Money, Reliability, Performance, and Depth of Feature Set).

An impossible feat?

Perhaps not -- but extremely time consuming, especially considering there are literally millions of possibilities to choose from. The choices were so overwhelming, in fact, that our regular newsletter delivery schedule was interrupted during my research.

Thankfully, my quest to find such a program ended when I came across a wonderful backup utility, called "Genie Backup Manager."

What is Genie Backup Manager?

Genie Backup Manager (GBM) is an all-in-one backup solution that provides easy to use, powerful features that can archive and restore personal files, documents, emails, complex Windows settings, programs, and more to virtually any local or remote device, including: internal and external hard disks, FTP locations, across network, CD/DVD discs, removable media, and memory sticks.

Now that's a mouthful!

Some of the incredible features of Genie Backup Manager include:

  • Top-Notch Help System: Learn how to Backup and Restore data in -- literally -- a few minutes time using Genie Backup Manager's built-in video tutorial support [demonstrated further down the page], searchable Help Index, and built-in Backup Wizard!
  • Wide Media Support: Genie Backup Manager supports nearly every backup media format, including (but not limited to): CD, DVD, USB memory, external and internal hard drives, floppy, ZIP / JAZZ drives, tape drives [Pro version only], and more. For superior burner compatibility, Genie Backup Manager is powered by Sonic CD / DVD burning technology (the same company now responsible for Easy CD / Media Creator)!
  • Full, Incremental, and Mirrored Backup: To save on time and media, Genie Backup Manager offers incremental and mirrored backups which only store new and changed files to a previous backup set.
  • Bit-Level Verification: Genie Backup Manager uses smart bit-level verification technology to verify each bit and byte of the data gets backed up, ensuring 100% restorability. Surprisingly, the majority of backup software I researched over the past 2 weeks did not have this feature!
  • Lightening Fast Compression with Strong Data Encryption: For unsurpassed backup performance, Genie Backup Manager utilizes ZIP compression technology to shrink your data as it's being backed up. Furthermore, GBM allows you to password protect backups using 128-bit AES "government standard" protection (with up to 256-bit encryption in offered by the Pro version).
  • Local and Remote Backup Support: With Genie Backup Manager, you can store your backup locally, across a LAN (Local Area Network), or on a remote location using an FTP service! Genie Backup Manager can even email you when the backup is complete!

    Side note: Few of the backup programs I tested did not offer nearly as many options when it came to choosing where to save your backup. The FTP option was definitely a nice touch, and even features an "auto-resume" upload option, in case you get disconnected from the remote computer (very smart).
  • Personalized Profile Backup: Backs up desktop, System Registry, Windows settings, Internet Explorer, Explorer Favorites, MSN, Eudora mail, Address Book, Windows Fonts, Media Play lists (and even the files associated with the list)! No other Backup program is as robust and offers as many features.
  • Free, Unlimited Plugins: In addition to backing up personal files, Genie Backup Manager utilizes special "backup script plugins" that are designed explicitly to backup certain programs. For example: most programs can only backup Outlook Express mail folders; but with Genie Backup Manager's specialized scripting technology, Outlook Express Mail Rules, Identities, Blocked Senders Lists, Preferences, and Signatures also get backed up.
  • Scheduling Wizard: Scheduling single or multiple backup jobs is a snap using Genie Backup Manager's easy to use Scheduling Wizard.

Genie Backup Manager: Testing it on My Machine

After launching Genie Backup Manager for the first time, the one thing that immediately became apparent to me was the feeling of completeness -- nothing in this backup solution, it seemed, was left to chance.

Once I clicked the "Backup" option, it was only a matter of following the on-screen instructions via the backup wizard, and by clicking on "Next" to the proceed to the following stage.

By far, the strongest point of Genie Backup Manager is the help system which not only includes a video tutorial on how to backup and restore data the first time you launch the program, but also includes a quick-click help reference system in case you need to look up something in a jiffy.

And although the help system was extremely impressive, Genie Backup Manager's performance was -- quite literally -- astounding, taking less than 4 minutes to pummel its way through 650 megabytes of information at the highest level of compression.

The secret behind Genie Backup Manager's extreme performance is the ZIP compression technology, which uses heuristics to ignore certain file types that will not compress any further -- resulting in a considerable amount of time saved during a large backup.

In comparison, many of the other backup software I tested used inferior compression schemes, resulting in minimal savings in file size and taking twice as long to complete the backup.

In all, Genie Backup Manager took 10 minutes to compress, write, and verify 650 megabytes of data on my CD-RW disc (@ 10x speed).

I was severely impressed.

Genie Backup Manager: Compatibility

Genie Backup Manager Home Edition: Works with Windows 98, 2000, XP, and NT; offers 128-bit encryption; no tape Backup supported.

Genie Backup Manager Pro Edition: Works with 2000, XP, and NT; offers up to 256-bit encryption; tape Backup supported; designed for Server backup; backs up double-byte characters (example: support for Japanese, and Chinese filenames).

Genie Backup Manager: See it in action!

Click here to view a Macromedia Flash tutorial of Genie Backup Manager Home Edition Backup in action (Macromedia Flash Browser Plugin Required).


Genie Backup Manager has received countless rave reviews, and is perfect for users of all computer comfort levels.

Novices will find it easy to create their first backup job in matter of minutes after installing the software, thanks to Genie Backup Manager's intuitive wizard-based user interface -- while advanced users will appreciate the software's extended flexibility and features.

In terms of Ease of Use, Value for Money, Reliability, Performance, and Depth of Feature Set, Genie Backup Manager delivers -- hands down. Quite simply put, Genie Backup Manager is nothing short of pure magic!

Genie Backup Manager: Download

Update 11/15/2006:

Genie Backup Manager Home Edition normally retails for $49.95, while the Pro version retails for a staggering $69.95 -- and in this case, you really do get what you pay for!

However -- in light of our ongoing fund raiser -- has agreed to provide Infopackets Readers with a limited time and very generous discount!

Available immediately and *only* available to infopackets Readers, you can download GBM Home or Pro today at an unprecedented 35% off the retail price -- for only $32.47 [Home Edition] and $45.47 [Pro Edition] using the coupon code INFO-7JPK-PACK and by clicking the links below:

Genie Backup Manager Home Edition 35% Discount: limited time offer!

Genie Backup Manager Pro Edition 35% Discount: limited time offer!

Side note: You can also order the software on CD ROM (simply add $12.95 + $2.00 Shipping).

But hurry, because this *very special* 35% discount ends soon -- and I can guarantee you that it won't be offered again for a long, long time. So don't delay -- and please support our site today by purchasing this fine product!

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