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The Wal-Mart Cell Phone Terrorism Fiasco

According to Police Chief Benson Page of Caro, Michigan, cell phones can be used as detonators. Who would've thought? So, naturally, when three men were found with almost a thousand cell phones on hand, they became instant terror suspects. 80 of ... those phones were pre-paid TracFone models from Wal-Mart. That amount constitutes a violation of the store's policy because customers are limited to only three cell phones per purchase. A Wal-Mart clerk sold them the phones -- despite the policy -- but became suspicious and called the police. Apparently, it's common knowledge that cell phones make for ... (view more)

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Hit the Road, Jack: Mobility Manipulating Technology Market

With the popularity of WiFi, cell phones, the Blackberry, and laptops booming, the tech industry is being forced to come to grips with a world constantly "on the go." Desktop PCs are increasingly becoming immense paper weights for many consumers, ... and second quarter market research shows that this is having a drastic impact on many traditionally powerful tech manufacturers. From the beginning of 2006 until the recent end of the second quarter, the average AMD Athlon 64 desktop PC price sunk from $608 USD to $526 USD. The result is great for the spread of budget-priced systems to homes and ... (view more)

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Science Helps Teen Cell Phone Users Pull a Fast One

Generation Y can thank science for outsmarting their elders. Recent technology developed by a security company has produced a high frequency ring tone for cell phones that is –- for the most part -– only addible for adolescents and children under t ...he age of twenty. It allows children to receive calls and text messages while adults are none the wiser. The new technology proves useful for those in the favored age range in many different facets. Looking to break the monotony of a lecture or seatwork? Why not write a message or two to your buddies? Phone privileges axed? Why not pull a fast one ... href="/news/1276/science-helps-teen-cell-phone-users-pull-fast-one" class="more-link">view more)

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Gmail Goes Mobile!

Gmail (Google's free email) is now available on your mobile phone! A dream come true - at least for me! I never want to go too long without checking my Gmail (yes, I have a slight addiction). To get Gmail on your mobile phone, just go to ... on your phone to access your inbox. Even cooler is the fact that it can handle attachments like pictures and .pdf files. I downloaded an attached picture today, but haven't had a chance to test .pdfs yet. Gmail going mobile is just one of the many new features added to the Gmail service lately. Web clips (RSS feeds that scroll at the top of your ... (view more)


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