Nokia 'Flexes' its Muscle in NYC

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Think the iPhone is the wave of the future? Their good friends at Nokia might have something to say about that. The company recently revealed 'Morph', a concept that hopes to demonstrate the flexibility -- quite literally -- of future cell phones.

Unveiled at The Museum of Modern Art display in New York, Morph is the result of a shared project between Nokia and Britain's University of Cambridge. The pairing promises to release a number of radical concepts in the next while, but their opening salvo has certainly caught the attention of the techie nation. (Source:

The concept of Morph is simple: allow users to flex, heck, even stretch their cellular devices. The idea is based on the functionality of nanotechnology, which promises to deliver twisty, transparent electronics that even boast self-cleaning surfaces.

When will these ideas make it to market?

Unfortunately, no time soon. Experts peg the technology's release to be sometime around 2015, when companies like Nokia can effectively integrate nanotechnology into handheld devices. Even then, consumers should only expect the Stretch Armstrong-esque stuff to be available in top-of-the-line products. However, both Nokia and tech experts believe that, like any other radical concept, nanotechnology could effectively become a part of low cost manufacturing. (Source:

For now, Nokia remains ahead of the pack in pursuing the technology. However, though there aren't any 3G iPhones on the market yet to threaten Nokia's reign in that sphere, that's expected to change soon, giving Nokia good reason to look in new directions as it tries to remain competitive with market newcomer Apple.

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