Windows 10 Security Simplified

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Microsoft is to launch a simplified all-in-one tool for keeping track of security in Windows 10. It's based around what Microsoft is calling the "five pillars of protection."

The new tool will be called the Windows Defender Security Center. As the name suggests, it's a mixture of Security Centre (a longstanding menu in Windows) and Windows Defender, Windows 10's built-in security software which replaces the old Microsoft Security Essentials.

It's currently in testing among users who have signed up for 'fast ring updates', but will be introduced to the general public via the "Windows 10 Creators Update," - a major Windows 10 update scheduled for Spring of 2017. The idea is to make it a dedicated application that's simple to access and use.

Five Key Areas Covered

The key to the tool will be a simple screen which lists five main security areas: virus and threat protection; device performance and health; firewall and network protection; app and browser control, and family options.

Clicking on any of the five sections will take the user to the relevant settings menus. However, the screen will also act as a warning because the sections will normally display a green tick. When there's a problem, this is replaced with a red cross and an explanation of what the problem is and what action the user needs to take. (Source:

Despite the name, the tool should go beyond mere security and act as something of a "health check" for the computer, detailing non-security issues such as limiting screen time for children, making sure hardware drivers are up to date, or keeping an eye on battery time remaining on laptops.

Third Party Antivirus Supported

One notable element is that the virus and threat protection section will work with third-party antivirus tools. However, it appears this section will simply be a link to the third-party tool. Those who stick with Windows Defender will be able to see scan results and history in the Security Center.

One other feature is that the Security Center will check the third-party antivirus tool. If it's stopped working because a subscription has run out, Windows Defender will automatically kick in to make sure the computer isn't left unprotected. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Do you like the sound of the new tool? Do you find it confusing keeping track of all the settings and security options in Windows? Is Microsoft right to have Windows Defender run automatically when third-party tools expire?

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Dennis Faas's picture

Anything to simplify security for those who aren't tech savvy is hopefully a good thing as it will help keep users protected; I just hope they don't make it impossible for those who -are- tech savvy to remove or undo features that aren't wanted in the new "simplified" interface. This sort of ideology has always been an issue in the past whenever Microsoft thinks it is best to shove a certain feature down everyone's throat - sort of like the tiled Windows 8 and Windows 10 start menu with no option to go back to the old start menu. Thank goodness for Classic Shell!

shulco1_6765's picture

Looks as if it may be time to learn another os.
pretty tired of MS thinking it knows best what I want on a computer that I own

dan_2160's picture

The manufacturer of every piece of software we use thinks it knows best for its customers. The most user-friendly manufacturers give us choices -- and we have choices of which software we use. I'm a bit confused what is so incredibly terrible about this new security center that anybody would arrive at the conclusion that Mr or Ms Shuclo1 has come to. My guess is that this new feature is being offered because the vast majority of computer users do not maintain adequate security on their computers which, sadly, does endanger the entire computing community. What is so bad about that?

PseudoGeek's picture

Often we have to disable anti-virus apps to install certain software. Will Windows Defender immediately take over when I temporarily disable my anti-virus app, thus thwarting my intent to leave A/V off for a few minutes?

lepitbull's picture

If your Antivirus has ended, expired, halted or removed, Microsoft Defender kicks in automatically in Windows 10, (I do not know about 7 or 8). But it did when I needed to halt my McAfee to do a system Restore. Windows seen no antivirus running and Windows Defender had snapped on. You can try it, just by temporarily turning off your Antivirus and see if Defender clicks on.

ecash's picture

Everything I see in Win10 seems asif, someone DROPPED all the old coding, started from Scratch...
FORGOT everything learned from the last 10 years..
THEN is trying to MERGE, Win Phone, Console, PC, LAPTOP, SURFACE, into 1 design..
And DUMPED every driver, and such that MADE win PC, a great machine.

Dennis Faas's picture

Actually, they did re-code Windows from scratch in order to make it compatible with other processors (ARM, Intel) and other platforms (PC, Tablet, Phone). If you haven't noticed, the PC industry is dead. Yes, the PC is still around and people will continue using it - but the only innovation these days is for mobile computing.

The PC is a great machine if that is the only platform you wish to use (or you use it for input mostly), however the majority of the world has moved onto mobile computing. Microsoft finally understands this; as such, the future is to have a single device that can be mobile (on smartphones especially) and still act like a PC.

That is what Windows 10 is trying to achieve. That is also why they are simplifying (dumbing-down) their interfaces. Having to click through 50 different menus to make 1 change doesn't work on a smartphone because it's too small (and frustrating) to work with; having a simplified interface makes things a lot easier and much more intuitive on such a device.

ecash's picture

The thing with the PC is the power and expansible..
Mostly for storage.
TRYING to get smaller devices with as much RAM, HD, SSD, graphics adn so forth..
Is great for a BASE unit..SCREEN SIZE.
Its the warning I give my customers..DONT leave DATA on 1 unit. or in 1 place.
For all the phones out there, it would be better to WIPE them and install BARE..there are to many restrictions from Company to company, and it SUCKS.
How many ways to LINK phones? MANY, how many WONT connect to an alternate corps phones? MOST of them.(Iv tried).
Windows does not have a Good market on the phones and tablets. And looking thru the Market place, is Just stupid compared to Android.
Even my Roku, has some great options to Link to PC and to Android..try to find a windows Market place program that will do the same..
Trying to MERGE all these hardware devices with software, all I can say is FIX the PC HARDWARE FIRST..would love to see PC's that are parallel processed..(AGAIN)
I remember when a DIRECT PC to PC connection was fast...and its asif they LEFT it behind. there is so much OVERHEAD in the controllers and the Hardware design its a total bottle neck in the end.
Its amazing that I can tell people that Many of the phones/tablets out there are better designed then the PC's..all the options and abilities of them is great. But many programs on the android DONT stop working after you leave them, they SIT in the background, WORKING..
Windows is trying to make things EASY for themselves, and it isnt working very well.(IMHO) trying to SLAP a portable Environment onto a PC, and its forgetting WHAT a PC can do, and is Supposed to do.
I could add more, but this is getting to long..

lepitbull's picture

Wow, great news. I am stuck with McAfee right now as I got a free Year of it when I bought my new shiny Dell PC on January 10, with Windows 10.. It was time, as my Vista Updates went away ad I knew my HP Vista was doomed to die So another system now. But through my XP years to the Vista PC times, i became a trusted user of the Microsoft Security Essentials. It was the best. Small foot print, fast and it kept me safe. I used a lot of different ones - I got burned on Trend, used Norton and Panda, a free Avast. (Avast) let an Anti-exe virus in, Security Essentials seen it and then cleaned it, before it replicated wildly again. I was a loyal user of MSE when it had caught a ransom ware trying to get in, it passed my firewall but MSE caught it and it also stopped a Bit locker too. I was sold. So I cannot wait for spring 2017 and I can dump my McAfee and go back to the Microsoft Antivirus. Grab a copy of it when tested and available, I guarantee you too will love it, it was just a bit hard to install it, if it saw another Antivirus Trace.