'Vista Start Menu', and 'Net Manager'

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Vista Start Menu

Each time you start programs from the Start menu, you use the interface that has not changed for 10 years. No wonder that it becomes more and more difficult to use it due to the increase in the number of programs! Vista Start Menu is a completely another approach to the interface. It is much easier to find and run the program you need. Everything is visual and extremely easy to use. Your applications are arranged in a table with icons divided into groups, which makes it easier to work with a lot of programs. And one more really important nuance: when you remove programs or install new ones, other icons remain in their places so you do not have to waste time on looking for "drifted icons" as it usually happens in the system.


Net Manager

NET Manager is a front end to the many useful tools found already on Windows computers, or on the internet. It uses the RealVNC client to observe or control computers, and utilities such as 'Ping' to help you effectively manage a small to medium sized network. The way the user can select which 'slot' to place a computer into and thereby use the computer list to mimic room layouts is one of the things that makes NET Manager popular.


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