Time-saving Shortcuts for Internet Explorer

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Tight on time? Need to boost productivity while surfing the web? Use these shortcut keys to make your next experience with Internet Explorer more enjoyable:

  • To add www. and .com automatically to your website addresses in Internet Explorer: Press [CTRL] + [Enter] and www. will appear before the address you've entered and .com after it.

    Note: This only works if "Web Addresses" in the Tools | Internet Options | Content | AutoComplete settings in Internet Options is check-marked.
  • To switch to 'full screen' mode with no title bar in IE, press [F11]. To return to original mode, press [F11] again.
  • To see the Favorites pane: Press [CTRL]+I. The Favorites pane will appear on the left hand side. Press [CTRL]+I again to exit pane.
  • To open up the 'Organize Favorites' dialog box: Press [CTRL]+B. This brings up the Organize Favorites dialog box. Press [CTRL]+B to exit dialog box.

To read more shortcuts like these, press [F1] to open the Help menu. A full list of shortcuts can be found under the Accessibility heading (the last item).

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