Arrange Objects with Ease: MS PowerPoint

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Need to copy an object quickly and easily using PowerPoint?

Instead of using Cut and Paste, try this method instead:

  1. Single left-click the object you want to copy (this will select the object).
  2. Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard.
  3. Now, hold down the left mouse button with the CTRL key and drag the object to the new location.

It's simple. It's quick!

Now try the above steps again -- but this time, press the Shift key at the same time as the CTRL key; the result will have objects aligned to each other -- particularly useful if you have many objects on the screen that need to be arranged in an orderly fashion.

I'm sure that you'll agree this type is great for making diagrams (and more) in PowerPoint!

Visit Carol's web site to learn more tips like this one!

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