Add Bullet Symbols to your Toolbar: MS PowerPoint

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If you create PowerPoint presentations on a regular basis, you undoubtedly write in point-form. To 'spruce up' the presentation, PowerPoint allows you to insert graphics and symbols for each point. One great way to save time inserting these symbols is to simply add an icon to the toolbar.

To do so:

  1. Launch PowerPoint
  2. Click Tools menu | Customize | Commands; scroll down the list on the left and click on Insert.
  3. Scroll down the list on the right until you see an Omega symbol (such as an upside down horseshoe).
  4. Click and drag this symbol onto any toolbar you like.
  5. Click Close.

Then next time you want a symbol just click the icon you've added. If you don't see the character you require for your bullets, simply change to one of the other popular symbol fonts, such as:

  • Symbol
  • Wingdings
  • Webdings
  • Common Bullets

Now wasn't that easy?

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