Computer Exits to Desktop when Playing Games?

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Infopackets Reader Edith S. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I just bought my new PC in December and am problems with all my software games.

I start playing the games, and all of a sudden they go off the screen, and I'm brought back to the task bar. Then I have to re-click on the game task to bring it back into full screen again. This happens on and off, almost like clockwork (about every 2 minutes).

Is there a setting maybe that is causing this, or is it something else? My games are all that is affected by this strange annoying behavior. Is there something I can adjust to stabilize the my game play so it won't do this? "

My response:

I suggest that you try reinstalling DirectX or your video card driver. If that doesn't work, I also suggest that you close all running programs that are not necessary for game play before launching your game (such as a screen saver, mail program, antivirus, etc). Any one of those programs may be interfering with your games, especially if they are being interrupted at the exact same time frame.

Edith wrote in again:

" Dear Dennis,

I ran DirectX as you suggested, and did the 'test mode', and it all worked properly. So the next thing I did was exit all the programs that I was not using at the time, and that seem to have licked the problem! It's amazing what a few helpful tips and tricks of the trade will do to make things work easier!

I had a hunch that some of my programs were interfering with how my system operates. You can't imagine some of the problems I have run into by simply downloading and trying out new software. Then, when I uninstall the software, it opens a new kettle of worms, so to speak -- so am very careful when it comes to downloading software I know nothing about.

And I always get upset when I download something only to find out that it did not uninstall properly and didn't unplug from things I needed to run other applications.

It's too bad software developers can't leave my computer the way it was before I so unwisely downloaded their program! I have learned a lot from trial and error (very costly at times)! I really appreciate your help on this. "

My response:

I'm glad you solved your problem.

PS: Have you tried Ashampoo Uninstaller Suite? It's specifically designed to monitor program installations so that they can be uninstalled 100% cleanly from the system.

I highly recommend Uninstaller Suite and use it on my own machine. It's definitely something you should have (especially if you do a lot of downloading).

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