Win10 Update Blocked by Qualcomm Wifi, Antivirus

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Microsoft has blocked users of some security software from updating Windows 10. It's also spotted some problems with specific WiFi drivers.

The good news is that although the Windows 10 problems are with the well-known Avast and AVG security tools, it only affects older versions. Specifically the problem comes if the software is from version 19.5.4444.567 or earlier. (Source:

Since Avast! also owns AVG, the version number is the same for both engines.

Automatic Updates On Hold

Microsoft hasn't said exactly what the compatibility problems are, but has put a block on automatic updates to Windows 10 if it sees the outdated security software in place. It won't install the update until users either update or uninstall the security software, the former option being the more sensible.

It does sound like the incompatibility is serious as Microsoft has specifically warned against affected users trying to get around the block by manually downloading and installing the update from a hard drive or DVD.

Windows 10 WiFi Could Break

There's also a problem with some versions of the driver for Qualcomm WiFi adaptors. A driver is a small piece of software that makes a hardware device and operating system play together nicely. In this case, the incompatibility could stop WiFi from working altogether.

Qualcomm has updated the driver to rectify the incompatibility. Again, Microsoft has put a block on Windows 10 updates until users get the latest driver. Its warning message directs users to a qualcomm wifi 1903 / 1909 workaround for more detailed instructions.

To be fair to Microsoft, it can be a little like spinning plates to try to synchronize updates to Windows and to drivers and other third-party software so that new updates don't cause problems with the other. It's made even harder if some users aren't running the latest edition of the drivers and other software.

What's Your Opinion?

Have you been affected by either of these problems? Could Microsoft do more to overcome incompatibility problems? Does it deserve any blame or is the onus on users and developers to make sure they always keep software and drivers up to date?

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Seems to be somewhat like attempting to get a person's biorhythm chart jump into phase and stay there. Good luck !

James Douglass
Garden City, Kansas

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How long would this method stop updates?