Extract Bitmaps from MS PowerPoint

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Have you ever needed to extract images from a PowerPoint presentation?

For example: say you've been emailed a PowerPoint file with some bitmap (pictures) in it. You want to extract these images -- but more importantly, you want them in their original resolution. If you've tried copying the images to clipboard and pasting them into PhotoShop or PaintShop, then you probably know that the images won't appear the same as the original bitmaps. They are either too big or too small!

Follow these steps to get the bitmaps in their original resolution:

  1. Select the image.
  2. Copy to the clipboard.
  3. Load Microsoft Photo Editor. (You may have to install it from the original PowerPoint CD).
  4. Edit menu | Paste.
  5. Save.

This method even takes into account any clipping or brightness/contrast effects you have applied in PowerPoint. To cancel these effects, first display the "picture toolbar" in PowerPoint, then choose the "reset picture" icon. Then follow step 1.

You can then edit the saved bitmap in any way you like. You can even downsize the image to make your PowerPoint files smaller.

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