Chromebook Support Extended to 10 Years

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Google has committed to keeping Chromebooks updated for 10 years. It's an increase of two years, though a key catch remains.

The change applies to all devices running Chrome OS, which also includes the Chromebox (a small box which comes without a keyboard or screen), Chromebase (an all-in-one PC with monitor) and Chromebit (a computer on a stick which plugs into an HDMI port).

Security Guarantee For Longer

Previously such devices were only supported for eight years. After this time they stopped getting performance, feature and security updates, making them somewhat risky to use. That annoyed some users who owned devices that were still physically working.

The increase to 10 years affects any device, though those released before 2021 may not get all new features for the full period. That likely leaves some wiggle-room for Google to develop new features in a few years without having to make sure they work on the very oldest machines. It appears all devices will get security fixes for the full 10 years.

Check Model Details

The support window does come with a significant loophole, however. The 10 year period does not start when somebody buys a Chrome OS device. Instead it starts from when that particular model was first released. Users can check the support date for their device on Google's website. (Source:

The period during which Google offers updates has increased several times. Originally it was just three years, later increased to six, and then eight years.

Because so much of a Chrome OS device's activity takes place on line, the hardware requirements are relatively limited and haven't dramatically increased over time. That means Google can now be more confident that a machine released now will still be able to cope with Chrome for many years to come.

According to Google, part of its commitment to the update windows involves testing all new version of Chrome OS on every supported Chromebook model. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Do you use a Chromebook or similar device? Were you aware of long it will receive updates? How long would you expect to be able to use a new computer that you bought today?

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