'Bootable Movies On Cd', and 'Alfa Clock'

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Bootable Movies On Cd

Create a CD or DVD image that contains video files. You can put as much video content as will fit on the bootable CD or DVD. You can also add music files (MP3 and Ogg Vorbis are supported) or other types of content that can be played by the MPlayer media player included with eMoviX. This micro Linux distribution is geared specifically for playing movies. It doesn't contain much more than a mini Linux distribution (created using User-Mode Linux and Debian packages) and MPlayer (to play the movies). All the software uses only about 10MB of the disk space on the CD.


Alfa Clock

AlfaClock Free Edition enhances your taskbar clock (tray clock) with fully customizable clock display, alarms, time synchronization, popup calendar, time speaking and more. Main AlfaClock Free Edition features: Enhancement for the Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP taskbar clock (tray clock), that displays the time, date and other information in any format (without using lots of little icons). Atomic time synchronization. Synchronize clock with Internet Atomic Time Servers. Announce the date, time, or both, at specified intervals. Powerful alarms, each of which can display a message, play a sound, or run a program. Powerful Calendar feature. The calendar shows a month at a time, and has options to include week numbers determined according to ISO8601), highlight weekends, and change the first day of the week. You can now also choose a font and a color for the calendar. Date/time copy to clipboard. Copy date, time, and other info to the clipboard using any format you wish. This version contains bug fixes, numerous improvements and new features.


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