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Since November 2005, infopackets has opened its doors to volunteer authors to share their thoughts and ideas with our audience.

The transition to a multi-authored web site has been both enlightening and challenging.

On one side: infopackets now offers a variety of fresh and interesting discussions almost daily to its audience; on the other hand, acquiring and maintaining material on a regular basis has proven to be particularly difficult.

Let me explain.

Since our volunteer bloggers are not paid to submit articles, submissions have been (for the most part) sporadic. Further to that, my work load as the Chief Editor has also increased as I spend a great deal of time reviewing and correcting each submission before releasing it to our audience. And as I've discovered: acquiring and preserving additional volunteers to write articles based *specifically* on our genre of topics has proven to be complicated, time consuming, and often fruitless.

An Impossible Dream?

Admittedly ambitious, I would like to see upwards of 5~10 new articles a day submitted to the infopackets audience throughout the week (Monday through Friday). And although I am extremely grateful for the effort put forward by our current team of volunteer bloggers and editors, I am uncertain if and when this vision will materialize.

As such, I have given much thought to hiring local part-time writers that specialize in the technology industry. Specifically, I would like to hire Computer Science students from my local University that also have a knack for writing.

I have already met with three candidates and I am pleased to announce that one of the students has produced very promising work thus far.

My vision is to work closely with these students by training them on a personal level. By doing so I hope to produce employees that are able to work autonomously so that there will be less effort spent on editing and more time spent on other things that need my attention.

Unfortunately, one major component is missing from my vision; and that is: I need to pay these students a respectable fee for writing articles. And at 25 ~ 50 new articles generated a week, you can imagine how expensive it would be to make this possible.

So, How can This Dream become a Reality?

As you probably already know, infopackets does not charge for its publication. While it is true that our web site is supported through software recommendations and sponsored ads, the funds that are currently generated are not enough; and what's more: I'm financially drained at the moment.

At this time I am calling upon all Infopackets Readers for their financial help.

If you enjoy reading this newsletter and would like to help make this dream a reality, *please* step up to the plate right now by making a software purchase through our site [details below] or by donating cash using a Secure Server, PayPal or by Money Order.

Software Reviews: Grouped by Category

Below is an extensive list of my all-time favorite programs reviewed over the past 5 years.

Many of the titles haven't been mentioned in quite a while, so please take your time to evaluate the list. Each link leads to in-depth review and explains the software in detail; at the end of the article, there is an option to purchase the program. Some programs are downloadable (for trial), while some are not. All proceeds are commission-based and will bring us financially closer to reaching our goal. So, please reach deep into your pockets by purchasing one or two programs from the list below!

With that said, please enjoy!

Questions, Comments, Concerns and Kudos

If you have any ideas for fund-raising or would like to send me a comment or suggestion, you can contact me using the link below:

Thank you for your support!

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