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StumbleUpon is a browser toolbar which brings social networking together with web browsing.

All that you need to do is join the service and download the toolbar. You then select your interests and then simply click Stumble!, and voila -- you're immediately transported to a web site where you can read more about a topic and even meet up with other users with similar interests. The browsers supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Flock, and Mozilla.

Once you display a site using Stumble!, you can press the thumb-up or thumb-down button to 'vote' for that site. As you continue to do this, the site rises on the StumbleUpon list so that other users with similar interests will be able to 'stumble upon' the site sooner.

If you find an interesting site on your own, you can cause it to be listed with StumbleUpon by using the thumb-up button and it will be automatically shared with other subscribers. You can even choose to write a review for that site and make it available for others to read.

Other features include the ability to:

  • Create a group or network of friends.
  • Email a site's URL to a non-subscribed friend.
  • Tag a site to describe the general topic.
  • Search through pages using a search word or phrase.
  • Share your impressions and views of sites in a forum.
  • Browse through specific categories of sites. For example, if you were look for interesting software or were interested in Japanese Anime, you could choose to stumble through software or anime sites.

I'm sure you'll agree, StumbleUpon is a great service. Why not try it today?

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