'Seconfig Xp', and 'Frutty Bar'

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Seconfig Xp

Seconfig XP is a security configuration utility for Windows. One tool to close (not just shield) most Windows security holes. Can close ports 135, 137-139, 445, 1025 (used by file and printer sharing, Windows domains, other LAN-like access and widely exploited by worms, hackers etc.), 1900, 5000 (used by UPnP) and other Can disable most dangerous Windows services. Can configure many other hidden security related Windows TCP/IP settings. Works only with registry (no files, services, drivers etc.). Includes two easy to use presets for average home (standalone) and LAN (Microsoft Windows network member) computers.


Frutty Bar

Frutty Bar is a web developer toolbar for Internet Explorer. Highlight tables, block elements, headers, turn off CSS, view layer and frame data, test links/images and the entire code for validity, check how the page is displayed in various screen resolutions, etc., with a single mouse click!


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