Scratch My Back and I'll Scratch Yours: Microsoft Opens Code-Sharing Site

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With major executives leaving at a time when the company is desperately trying to market an amalgam of new programs and hardware, Microsoft is now trying to repair its public image by announcing a forum-based website where it will share code with outside developers.

The new measures are in an effort to greater connect programmers and Microsoft, with each side sharing technical information and software know-how.

Not All About Love and Roses

The website itself, called CodePlex, has been in beta testing for some time. Its ultimate intention is not as interested in the kindness of sharing as it is an example of the aggressive business tactics Microsoft has become known for.

Under the surface, CodePlex is in place to allow programmers and software vendors to become more familiar with Microsoft's development tools, and thus increase demand for subsequent products and support. (Source:

New Boss Cracks The Whip

The new connectivity between Microsoft and its potential developers comes only days after the appointment of Bob Muglia, an 18-year company veteran who was on June 15 given the task of improving future operations in servers and software tools.

Microsoft faces more competitors in open-source technology than ever before, including long-time rivals IBM and the increasingly potent Google. It is Muglia's task to re-establish Microsoft's hold on the open-source market by somehow distracting developers and consumers from the growing competition.

Codeplex appears to be Muglia's first effort in one of many wars being waged by Microsoft at this time. (Source:

Built upon Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server, this most recent effort at development collaboration uses external programming needs to increase Microsoft's own forward momentum in shared source licenses and open-source software.

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