Flashplayer 9: Adobe's Newest Media System

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Adobe Systems, Inc. has recently released Flashplayer 9: its newest media system.

Promising to provide users with the most vivid content on the web, video without annoying downloads, and greater interaction with websites, Flashplayer 9 is available free from Adobe's website (Source: adobe.com)

Flashplayer 9: What's New

This most recent version of Flashplayer supports Actionscript 3 and Flex 2 as well as incorporating two Virtual Machines (VM). The purpose of the multiple VMs is simple: the first plays older Flashplayer media, while the second concentrates on exclusive new content for Flashplayer 9.

Adobe is currently informing consumers to upgrade to the new player because it provides a faster experience, support of full runtime error reporting, debugging, and binary socket support that gives developers the opportunity to engage any binary protocol. (Source: labs.adobe.com)

Flashplayer: In The Future

Once the layers of technical jargon are peeled away, what is left is a device Adobe fully supports and intends to eventually make its default player.

Adobe remains confident that consumers will adopt the new player based on its recent consumer survey, which revealed that 97.7% of Internet-enabled PCs were running Flashplayer media. (Source: adobe.com)

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