More Delays? Vista Release May Be Pushed Back (Again)

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In a rather strange -- perhaps even insecure -- move, Bill Gates himself recently stated that there is just a 20% possibility that Vista will miss its newly etched January 2007 release date.

The statement was anything but confident, however, as Gates reportedly informed software partners in South Africa that a legitimate chance for further delay exists -- especially if beta testers uncover further issues with Vista. (Source:

Reminder: What is Windows Vista?

Known originally for its codename "Longhorn", Vista is the upcoming and highly anticipated operating system from Microsoft.

It has been over five long years since the release of Windows XP, Microsoft's last operating system. Promising a graphical overhaul, new search features, fresh multimedia options (such as Windows DVD Maker), and increased network communications, Vista appeals to both office and home environments equally.

Tentative release dates for Vista -- at this time -- are November 2006 for business editions, with the consumer version discussed here still set for January of next year. (Source:

Critics Speculate on the Release of Vista

Despite the hype and excitement surrounding Vista, tech insiders are questioning whether the operating system will be ready for January.

Although pressure is mounting on Microsoft to finally make the deadline, an unfinished version requiring an endless parade of patches and security updates would surely reduce consumer confidence far more than another short delay.

Microsoft is relying heavily on its retailers to fully support Vista, and the delay has more complex dynamics when considering their position on the Vista launch date. (Source:

As January approaches, Microsoft faces some difficult decisions in determining the appropriate release date for Vista. Bill Gates may just be left pondering, "Cash or Complete?"

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