Firefox 2 Beta Download: Coming Soon

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Just as Internet Explorer 7 is receiving some much-needed positive early reviews for Microsoft, Mozilla recently announced that the beta version of Firefox 2 will be available later this week. It is the first beta of the new browser released, and Mozilla hopes it will tempt software developers seeking to take advantage of updates to the original Firefox platform.

Much of the purpose behind the beta download stems from Mozilla's hope that the new extensions in Firefox 2 are compatible with those used in the previous version. (Source:

Firefox 2: What's New?

Although Mozilla is refusing to release an official statement on the new features, Firefox 2 reportedly includes built-in antiphishing tools and spell-check as well as radically improved search capabilities.

Mozilla's hush-hush about the new features is due to a level of hesitation about the beta before its release. They simply do not want consumers expecting certain tools that might be found too problematic before its final launch, scheduled for fall 2006.

The announcement comes on the same day as statistics showing Firefox's increased browser market share. According to U.S. figures, Firefox now accounts for 15% of browser use, up from 10% recorded in November. Interestingly enough, Europe appears to be the location where most Firefox addicts are surfing, with 39.2% of Germans running Mozilla's browser. (Source:

Firefox 2: When Can I Get It?

The beta, otherwise known as "Bon Echo," was rumored to land this week, but such reports have been determined false. Those interested in the Firefox 2 beta -- and there are many -- should stay tuned to the Mozilla website for further news updates.

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