New Look and Enhanced Features for Yahoo Finance

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Yahoo's popular Finance section revealed a new look and improved features to Internet users on July 17, 2006. The changes to the site will allow for increased user-functionality and reveal a more up to date appearance.

The site's facelift incorporates enhanced features including business-related video clips from such content partners as CNN, ABC, SmartMoney, and Forbes; interactive stock charts; and improved messaging boards. (Source:

Enhanced Features

The interactive stock charts will allow users to change and customize charts' time ranges by utilizing a click and drag function. Instead of having to refresh the page, information such as the dates of dividends can be updated easily. (Source:

Yahoo Finance's updated messaging boards collect conversations into threads, so that users can more efficiently track conversations. Additionally, the boards allow users to rate posts based on a star system, which users can then filter.

Staying at The Top

Yahoo Finance is the most popular and most established financial site on the web, and its enhanced features and modernized look will allow it to stay ahead of the competition, specifically competing with the launch of Google's financial website in March 2006. (Source:

Yahoo Finance's facelift comes as part and parcel of the company's initiative to revamp and change the look and functionality of the entire Yahoo site, including restructured home page designs.

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